Solitude Haunts...

on Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love being lonely,
Oh! Yes I do.
I drift within my own self,
But at times I lack a cue;

I love the gentle caresses,
Alighting on my face like dew,

'Tis my fingers on my cheeks,
I so wish it were you...

I love being lonely,
The thrill to exalt, and be 'me',

Still, what 'they' think, what 'they' feel,

Creates immeasurable anxiety.
Oh forget it! All I need is a mirror,

Have me to talk and see.

Silly, confused woman, 'tis your own image,
In which you seek company.

I love being lonely,
Wrapping around myself my arms.
I close my eyes, I feel complete,

I lend myself warmth and calm.
Yet a knot and two faces in my heart,
Whose hugs took me by storm,

Foist on me the realization,

Solitude haunts; does never charm.

Might be a bit messed up, but it is to assert that I love the presence of every single person in my life...and i CANNOT survive with even one of you turning away from me....Love you you for giving me so much of love... forever indebted...