I Hate You..I absolutely do

on Saturday, April 24, 2010

“I hate you”- Quite an unusual way for me to begin writing this post. “I hate you”- these are words I least use, and I least feel like using, and words that anyone would least expect me to be using, but today, I feel, nothing can express what lies deep inside my heart, better than these words.

I hate you,
For those million things you have,
And I don’t;
For the fact that they don’t cause envy in me,
And for the fact they won’t.
Because when I look at you,
Am filled with pleasure so pure,
How good’s this thing I feel for you,
Today, tomorrow, I won’t be sure.

I hate you.
For what you’ve made of me, my heart,
That misses you with every beat;
Under the balmy winter sun,
In Delhi’s scorching heat.
It fears, it’ll fail
If you don’t manifest,
And ‘cuz I think myself worse,
For you appear the best!

I hate you.
For the twinkle in your eyes,
For your talents, that hurt!
You’re beautiful, charming, gorgeous,
You’re an angel’s discomfort.
With each passing day,
I grow more apprehensive,
When you move to better horizons,
How the hell am I gonna live?

I hate you.
And I do nothing wrong,
It is ‘hate’ you deserve,
‘Love’ surrounds you from all sides,
With your smile, a million lips curve.
How can you transcend your boundaries?
And reach where no one does.
Reigning, ruling my life, my moods….
Do you find it just?

I hate you.
‘Cuz you’re so adorable,
Not loving you, has never been an option.
Bereft, alone, life’s a quagmire,
You brighten, you lighten, you make it fun.
You do this, only you do this,
You make me insane.
I hate to love you,
Oh! My helplessness struck me again.

(Happy birthday Kapoor…this one’s for you. I started and ended it, thinking of you. However, I do admit, there are a few more there, who make my life as splendid as you do, so this one’s for you, and for all of them too …crap..yeh bhi rhyme ho gayaa!)